Server Room

In this day and age, IT Security is of the upmost importance and is a critical business issue for all sizes of organisation. IT Security consists of technologies and processes that are designed to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber-attacks. It focuses on protecting computer systems from unauthorised access and from being damaged or being made inaccessible to you.

To help with your business’ IT Security, AISS provide the following services:

IT Audits – Our skilled engineers can audit complex infrastructure and provide you with detailed reports to suggest the best ways in which to improve your IT Security to comply with industry best-practice.

Security Audits – We also offer Security Audits to help you implement the most effective IT Security systems for your business.

IT Infrastructure Design – Computers are the foundation of modern businesses, which rely on a backbone of hardware, software and services. Our IT Infrastructure Designs create business value and a high return in business efficiency, including IT Security.