Voice Alarm Systems, also known as Voice Evacuation Systems, are used with the safety of staff and the general public in mind. They are installed in buildings where it would be essential to evacuate people quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

Research has found that in an emergency, people will respond with much less panic and confusion if they receive a calm and intelligible message than if just an alarm is sounded.

Our systems can be installed by our expert team to integrate with any fire alarm system, in a range of buildings such as offices, cinemas, factories, schools and many more. We provide systems that are bespoke to the specific project in mind, by using standard base components along with programmable options which ensure the system is future-proofed for any changes your business or premises might require further down the line.

Our systems are of the highest quality and are highly flexible, providing you with incredible performance and value for money. All our systems comply fully with BS5839-8 and BS5839-1.